How to shoot Distortion Grids

Comprehensive step-by-step guide of how to shoot distortion grids.
You will see the most common mistakes, and get links to useful materials that you can find in the description down below.

Multi-Camera Geometry Tracking

Welcome to an in-depth exploration of Multi-Camera Geometry Tracking Technology!
In this video, we'll unlock the mysteries behind this cutting-edge innovation and its incredible applications.

Dive into the world of 3D tracking, where multiple cameras work together to precisely follow and locate objects in your scene.

Extract Focal Length

The script allows you to copy the Focal Length curve from the EXR metadata directly to the Curve Editor, as well as to the lens connected to the camera (if the focal length does not change and the curve is not needed, you can just get it from the EXR and write it to Lens).

Our script is a fork of this script from Uwe Sassenberg. But it did not always work correctly and we tried to fix it + we added Focal Distance to the camera lens and then rewrote it to Focus Distance.

You need to specify the Focal Length attribute for the search, if it is not automatically detected or not as it is in reality.

OpenEXR Metadata Reader

The script allows you to view the metadata of EXR files inside the 3DEqualizer

3DEqualizer`s Script Database has a similar script, but when testing it with different footages, we get some errors, as well as some functions were not very convenient. We wrote our own version.

The interface and functionality is exactly the same as in the metadata tab of Nuke, so you won’t have any trouble using it.


When you change a frame, the data is updated automatically, no need to restart it, you can check if any parameters have changed (for example, focal length or focus distance).

The Search works, you can choose where to search in the drop-down list.


The script can be found in the Options tab. You can also add it as a panel via the Config tab.

Favorite's Project

The script allows you to save projects to your list and then quickly open them.
A kind of implementation of "Recent projects" from other programs in 3DE4.

The idea for this script came at a time when it was necessary to make edits to different projects that are in different folders.

The script is located under 3DE4 → Favourites Project and presents three options:

– the first item opens the main window of the script

– the second item adds the current project to the saved list

– the third item opens the last project from the list (it is important that it is from the list, not the last project that was opened). It is convenient when you remember what project is there and open it immediately


The main window of the script looks like this:

The list shows all the projects that are saved to the “database”.


This part of the window allows you to work with the list.

You may find the necessary project (by name or comment). Open the selected project (opens with a buffer by default, but you may disable it) and delete the selected project from the list (not from the hard disk).


This part of the window, allows you to save the current project that is currently open. It is also possible to specify a comment (saves to Project Notes and the list).

Extract Focus Distance

The script allows you to copy the Focus distance curve from EXR metadata directly into 3DE4 Curve Editor.

When the EXR section is added to the camera, go to Curve Editor → Edit→ Extract Focus Distance from OpenEXR Metadata.